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5 Years  
 5 Years of Change Yields Positive Results, Promising Future
Phoenix—Five Maricopa County school districts set out on a mission five years ago to improve educator effectiveness and increase student achievement. Today those districts are demonstrating positive results and have a defined vision moving forward.  Read more.

Norwood 1  
Principal Finds Success by Implementing 'REIL' Change
Phoenix, AZ—Bush Elementary School Principal Lisa Norwood believes it's time for a change in the Arizona public school system and she intends to see students at her school receive the quality of education all children deserve. Read more. 

Real-Time Professional Learning When You Need It, Where You Want It
Great news—Text4Teachers is back! This MCESA initiative sends teachers a text message with useful tips and advice related to the Learning Observation Instrument. Sign up today and start receiving real-time professional learning on the go.

 Sousa 1
With the Right Tools, Challenges Lead to Growth
There's no question that the first few years in the classroom are difficult for new teachers. But with the right tools and guidance, one Roosevelt District teacher says the most challenging moments have also been the most rewarding. Read more.

New Assessment Guidance Documents are Now Available
The MCESA Assessment team recently added new, supportive content to the assessment page on the REIL website to assist teachers using PCG for assessment delivery. Read more. 

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