DOE Visit  
U.S. Department of Education Officials Visit Maricopa County Schools

Officials with the U.S. Department of Education visited two Maricopa County schools on Friday, March 6, 2015, to learn about two innovative programs that are helping school districts improve the effectiveness of educators and retain their best talent.  Read more. 


 TIF Meeting  
MCESA Hosts Teacher Incentive Fund Western Region Meeting
Education professionals and experts from across the western United States gathered for a two-day conference in Phoenix, Arizona, last week to share innovative ideas and best practices for education reform. Read more.

Magnet Traditional
Rigor, Collaboration are Key to Effective Education

Phoenix—When school communities are faced with chronic challenges like poverty, it can be difficult to identify the perfect strategy to create a thriving learning environment. But Magnet Traditional Elementary School Principal Adrian Walker believes two key elements have helped his educators become more effective. Read more.

Spotlight Schools  
Local Schools Seeking and Rewarding Top Tier Talent
Phoenix—Maricopa County school districts are preparing to place the spotlight on several schools over the coming academic year. The spotlight will be on the ongoing successful efforts being made to significantly improve learning for their students.  Read more.

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Real-Time Professional Learning 

Great News— Text4Teachers is back! This MCESA initiative sends teachers a text message giving short advice related to the Learning Observation Instrument. Sign up today and start receiving real-time professional learning on the go.
Read more. 

 5 Years
5 Years of Change Yields Positive Results, Promising Future
Phoenix—Five Maricopa County school districts set out on a mission five years ago to improve educator effectiveness and increase student achievement. Today those districts are demonstrating positive results and have a defined vision moving forward.  Read more.

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